#14 - Mapping out the Hamad Sector

Above, you may recognise the map found on pages 12 and 13 of the 'Ravenor Omnibus' by Dan Anbett. It is a representation of the Scarus Sector, a small section of Segmentum Obscurus where the adventures of Inquisitor Eisenhorn and Inquisitor Ravenor unfold.

Inspired by Abnett's stories, I have started to lay down the foundation of my very own story about one of the Inquisition's agents: Inquisitor Erwen Bakar (also known as Lord Renan Taillefer). As such, I have created the Hamad Sector situated in the south of Segmentum Tempestus (north of Gryphonne IV, west of Ophelia VII, far south of the Sabbat Worlds and just to the east of the Veiled Region). This is where the story (or stories, you never know) will unfold and so I thought that I'd draw up a map of the area, in a similar fashion to the map shown above. Here is the result so far, and I will be working on it some more tonight.

This sector will also double-up as the area of the Imperium in which the armies of my gaming group will fight each other, further altering the history of the sector and creating an even richer backdrop for us to play with.

Note: I do realise that the map is still in its very early stages of creation and there's not much to show/comment upon, but I did promise an update tonight and I didn't manage to get any painting done today, so here's the impromptu stand-in.

Thanks for looking!

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