Project: Fire Angels - Brother-Techmarine Irius

Yes, I'm back. And with a model, no less!

After bouncing from idea to idea, never getting too deep into any of them, I have finally settled myself on another Badab War Chapter: the Fire Angels.

Since the Chapter's specialty is armoured assault, I figured that having a Techmarine was not a bad idea. After raiding my bitz box, I came up with the following model. The backpack was the trickiest part and though the servo-arm looks a bit small (especially compared to those on the official Games Workshop Techmarines), it should look fine once I get him a retinue of servo-arm Servitors to go with him. The fluffy explanation is that the Techmarine uses his smaller, more precise arm for minute repairs, whereas his Servitors are the ones who do the heavy lifting. Sounds good to me, at least!

Anyway, I should have this bad boy painted up by tomorrow, so expect an update then.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice looking techmarine! I rather like the smaller more reserved servo arm. The GW one while nice is a little over the top. The one you have looks like it could actually be functional in combat. What are your thoughts of the claw at the end of the arm? I feel it could be a little more substantial, however I am not sure what you would want to use for it.

    1. Thanks Adam! The claw was something that I thought about and while I don't have a way to change it now, I may do so in the future. As you said, he arm itself looks like it could be functional in combat, but the claw looks a bit underwhelming. I'll see what I can find as a suitable replacement and then swap it.