#10 - Non-hobby post: b/w photography

I spent the whole day at a photography workshop with a professional photographer to learn the basics of how to use your camera (how to get the right exposure, changing the shutter speed, etc.) and then went around town in the afternoon to put into practice what I had learned during the morning. I definitely enjoyed it and learned a lot from it. I managed to take just under 600 pictures during those few hours, but only consider about 30 of them to be of any interest (which is about 5% of all the pictures...). Anyway, I thought I'd share four of the pictures here to see if anyone had anything to say about them, despite the differences between them. You can be as harsh as you like in your criticism though, as that's the only way I can spot mistakes and improve!

For those of you who couldn't give a damn about these: don't worry, normal hobby-related content is on it's way ;)

Thanks for reading!

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