#5 - Imperial Fist test model

Well, this is awkward. I was all geared up to start my Ultramarine project, but failure to find the right tone of blue after searching through all of the blues my local independent store saw me ditch the project in favour of the Imperial Fists I had in mind. Here is the test model for the army, Brother Eshan:

There are a number of imperfections and little things I'd like to add, but for my sanity's sake, I am calling him done and I shall now move onto the four next Space Marine models I undercoated this afternoon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Excellent looking Imperial Fist Marine! I really like the dull muted yellow you have achieved. Along with the dust looking black, he is really striking. An army of them would be pretty fantastic!

    1. Thank you, Fischig, your comment is much appreciated.

      Right now though, I'm thinking of switching to Mantis Warriors for anumber of reasons, mostly because painting so much yellow is slowly driving me insane. Perhaps after a small break I'll get back to them :)

    2. You do not see too many Mantis Warrior armies out there, so I am excited! And with Forge World having just released updated rules such that they have their own Chapter Tactics, I cannot think of a better time. The Mantis Warriors even have one of the cooler ones (Shadow Killers). Infantry with Hammer of Wrath? What is not to love?

    3. Exactly. Since they aren't that popular (and Imperial Fist armies seem to be on the rise, especially on the B&C) and have a decent Chapter Tactic, along with some very cool fluff thanks to Mr. Bligh from FW, makes them an attractive lot! I think the fact that you have the option to choose Divination without having to ally in Dark Angels, Tigurius or an Inquisitor is definitely a nice perk, along with Shadow Killers as you mentioned.

      One thing about the new Forge World Chapter Tactics that I really like is that they're all very fluff-friendly, while still being useable (though I'll admit some of them are more useful than others). They've done a great job, in my mind. Would you agree?

    4. Yeah, some are certainly a bit better then others, but honestly the same can be said about the GW version of the codex (here is looking at you Raven Guard and Templar...). I am just glad FW is doing such a good job supporting their products, and it is being done fro free, rather then some underdeveloped digital book.

      And they all seem to have the armies background front and center. This is important to me considering I do not really play that often, and really like getting drawn into the world GW has created over the years. And such strong images opens up great conversion opportunities....

    5. Couldn't agree with you more on the free product support that FW has going and the underdevelopped supplements (though apparently the Farsight Enclave one was rather good, so at least there's one exception to the "rule").

      And yeah, FW's attention to army background, general fluff, etc. is what makes me like them (well, that and their beautiful models). They're currently adding much more to the 40k universe than Games Workshop is with its most recent releases.