#4 - Starting the Ultramarine army project

I have been a fan of the Ultramarines Chapter for a long time. They have some great artwork, fluff and a terrific colour scheme. They have suffered fluff-wise in the hands of certain people (who shall not be named here) and do generally have a reputation of being extremely bland character-wise, but overall they are still an interesting Chapter with a lot of potential on all levels.

I usually start off my projects by collecting inspirational pictures and this project was no exception. Luckily for me, there are some very nice Ultramarine armies out there for me to lovingly/jealously gaze at!

One of the most impressive Ultramarine armies around right now is Apologist's true-scale Heresy-era army. The project is a reboot of an older true-scale army that he built and painted called the "Praetors of Calth". While I really liked the Praetors, I do believe that these newer models look a lot better. The painting has definitely improved, and the cohesion across the models is much stronger which makes the whole group of models look more like a disciplined army than a rag-tag assemblage of models. Anyway, if you haven't checked out the link above, here are a couple of pictures of Apologist's work.

Entos Pharsalis, Sergeant of the Heroditians
Brother Bastapol Einhorn
Apologist's army as it now stands
Before I move onto my next inspirational army, I thought I would mention why a "true-scaled" army would inspire me to build a normal-scaled one. The three things I like with Apologist's Ultramrines are character, colour scheme and fluff. For me, these are the three pillars of the army and they are concepts I would like to include as much as I can in my own project.

+ + + + +

Now, onto inspiration army #2: keith's Ultramarine First Company project. Unlike the army above, this one has very little in the way of extensive conversions and in-depth character history. However, keith's painting skills are what make me enjoy this project so much. Add the fact that he is using mostly Froge World kits and it makes it even better to my eyes!

 I'm actually sorely tempted to save up and buy myself some MK II armour kits from Forge World. They look so good in the Ultramarine colour scheme.

+ + + + +

And now last, but not least, is a Heresy-era Ultramarine force from a fellow B&C member: "Calth's Retribution" by Darth Potato. While he hasn't actually painted any of his models yet, the conversions and army fluff are the jewels here. The sheer brutality and lethality that the models exude is incredible.

I cannot wait to see these models painted and I equally look forward to seeing what else he has in store model-wise. I have the feeling that we will not be disappointed!

+ + + + +

Well, that is it for tonight's post. I will do my best to get some pictures of my own models up by the end of the week, hopefully with some paint on them.

Thanks for reading!

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