#12 - Mantis Warrior painting update

I've gotten some more work done today on the Mantis Warrior Space Marine. There's still a lot to do, but he's getting there in terms of what he'll look like in the end (well, except for the weathering and battle damage that I'm planning to on applying).

And here's a picture taken outside during the day to give you an idea of what the colours are like in good lighting conditions!

I'm really enjoying painting this colour scheme, it's definitely less of a chore compared to the Imperial Fist armour! If I get bored with one section of the model, I can switch to another and continue like that until it's finished, which is great! Hopefully I'll get him finished by mid-week, when I'll post another update.

Thanks for reading!


  1. He looks excellent! Very clean, with sharp define colours. It should make for a fantastic army!

    1. Thanks Fischig! And hopefully I'll be able to keep myself motivated long enough to complete a whole army... though now that the models aren't completely yellow, I don't really have a valid excuse not to continue ;)

  2. Awesome looking Mantis Warrior! The collection of colors look wonderful together. The yellows look really rich and vibrant (a very tricky thing to achieve in my experience...). The highlights on the black also look really nice and subtle. I often have a tendency to overdo highlights on black and ruin them, ha ha. Great freehand work thus far too! Are you planning to freehand the Mantis Warrior symbol too?

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Cheers Nayl, I'm glad that he pleases!

      The yellow isn't that difficult actually, especially when using a white undercoat. You just need to be patient and to apply thin layer over thin layer over thin layer until you get a nice homogenous yellow.

      My trick with black highlighting is to do it with the grey (in this case Dawnstone from GW) in a bit of a messy way, to quickly go back with the black paint to cover up the worst of the mess and then go over the whole area with some black wash (I've run out of Badab Black so I use the "new" Nuln Oil Shade mixed with some water) to kill the overly bright highlights. Works well if you ask me, so perhaps you could try it out?

      And concerning the freehand, I messed it up in many ways, but the photograph hides the worst of it. I'm also absolutely terrified by the prospect of painting the Chapter symbol as it is a lot more complex than I first realised, but I promised myself that I'd do it, so no choices there!

      Thanks, I'll try to!